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3 psychology-backed copywriting tips that increase conversions

Of all the sessions we attended at Inbound this year, there were a few standouts that offered some really practical, concrete takeaways. One particularly useful session was 26 Words & Copy Constructs That Instantly Make Your More Persuasive. The speaker, Nancy Harhut, is the Chief Creative Officer at Wilde Agency, a boutique firm that specializes in the impact of decision science on marketing.

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Why marketing dashboards are your new best friend

Dashboards are everywhere. Once relegated to cars just showing speed and revolutions, now the rise of data has made dashboards a standard feature throughout our life. From online banking to paying bills to fitness apps, you have no shortage of data and dashboards to show you cool charts and graphs.

Marketing software is no different. The average marketer has to pull data from multiple different sources to see how their overall marketing performs. If you’re focused on online marketing, you could quite easily need to compare numbers across 10+ applications to see all of the metrics you’re tracking on a regular basis.

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How to Nurture Trade Show Leads

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INBOUND 2017: 10 sessions we don't want to miss

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Ask the Audience: Planning a Content Offer That Converts


Your business has a solid inbound marketing strategy in place and your goal is to produce one new content offer per month to drive traffic and lead generation.

The strategy sounds good on paper, but the reality is: it takes a lot of work to plan and create content offers that convert and are useful. 

What Makes a Good Content Offer?

A good content offer should help provide your audience with answers to their questions or solutions to a problem they are trying to solve. It should not be a description of your product or service.

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